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The Donor Search Mastermind Series is your all-access pass to the top voices in the world of social good. Every week, we feature original writing, live interviews, credit earning webinars, and a deep dive podcast with thought leaders, innovators, and change makers in fundraising, philanthropy, and civil society. You will learn how you can advance your work, your organization, and your positive impact on the world.

The Social Good Podcast. This podcast covers the intersection of social issues and technology. I interview high-impact leaders in the nonprofit and business world and explore what it means to be a good citizen in today's world ㅡ of the internet, society and the planet ㅡ and the challenges we face on the road to becoming more socially conscious citizens.

Marketing can be a force for good. It can also be complicated, confusing, and downright nerve-wracking. With unlimited options and limited resources, what’s a leader to do?! This podcast brings clarity to marketing chaos. It shows you how to think differently about marketing so you can do marketing differently. And get better results with less stress.
Each week, join marketing expert Erica Mills Barnhart as she talks with thought-leaders, does live marketing make-overs, and hosts mastermind classes where she covers topics like messaging, goal-setting, audience identification, and employee happiness. Whether you work for a for-profit corporation or a non-profit organization, if you’re out to make the world a better place, this podcast will give you the insight and inspiration you need to market your mission with clarity and confidence.

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