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Creating a brand identity gives your organization a visual identity that represents the culture, values, and mission of your organization. Branding your mission is how we boost public awareness and name recognition for your organization. Simply put, your brand is your promise. And creating a memorable brand is our promise to you.

Design &

If your brand identity is your promise, the design is what tells the rest of the story; why your promise matters. Color, layout, copy, type— it all works together to reinforce your brand in a consistent way that communicates your goals and passion. Anyone can create work that is eye-catching, but your organization deserves something that is soul catching, something that makes your audience take notice then rally behind your cause. That’s all in a day’s work for Mosaic.


Think of campaigns as short-term mission trips. They take a lot of work and coordination but they serve the organization by taking the “big picture” needs and tackling them in manageable parts. Mosaic builds creative campaigns that will reinforce your overall brand and help your organization and its audience maintain focus on the larger mission at hand.


At Mosaic, we love to boast about our ability to build marketing plans that are effective and cost-effective. Our marketing plans are strategic and budget-conscious with customization to serve the mission. Our marketing plans make a distinction between the hearers and the doers. We don’t just get your message out to a bigger audience; we put it directly in front of your target audience.

Social Media

Social Media allows you to take your message into the public square and get people talking about the important work you’re doing. With compelling content crafted by Mosaic, followers become evangelists for your mission by spreading the word to their like-minded circle of influence. Our social media efforts get the conversation started and keep people talking.


Mosaic appreciates the great efforts you put into planning a great event. Let’s make sure that your target audience knows about it, and you can engage with your customers throughout the event.

Whether it be Pre-Event planning & growing your event’s awareness, During Event marketing touchpoints to drive engagement or Post-Event follow-ups and nurturing, Mosaic can help with the overall  strategy and execution to make your next event the best one yet.


“ The Mosaic team are marketing enthusiast they are very creative and on time with their promise.”

CMO of IT Company


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