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Social Media



Every social media marketing campaign needs a comprehensive plan to allow for benchmarking and measurable results. Mosaic can help create your social media content calendar, user engagement strategy, and guidelines for regularly evaluating your campaign’s performance.

The Mosaic team can advise on industry best practices for interacting with users in the most productive and lucrative ways and provide guidance on social media distribution to specifically target certain segments of your prospects. 


Mosaic takes a holistic approach to your ad strategy across social platforms to develop and outline the most cost-effective plan for your budget to fit the specific goals for your current campaign. Whether you are focusing on growing your social media following or your current community’s engagement, Mosaic will help provide the most efficient approach to achieving your objective.


One of the primary objectives of any successful social ad campaign to generate leads and maximize conversions is ensuring the display of the proper ads to the precise targets at the right time. Mosaic dives into the social media business analytics and ad tracking data for each of your accounts across platforms. Focused ad efforts result can drive measurable increases in social media engagement and track your campaign’s key performance metrics (KPIs) along the way to identify what is and isn’t working so we can adjust accordingly.


As a data-oriented and technology-first agency, Mosaic takes tracking and reporting very seriously. Regular social media reports help our clients better understand how social campaigns are evolving. At the onset of each social media campaign, we’ll establish the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) for your specific business goals for that marketing effort.


Mosaic carefully monitors these metrics to assess your social media campaigns over time. Whether your primary goal is acquiring more followers, improving engagement, or driving traffic to your site, we’ll make sure that every social media marketing effort is ROI focused and drives incremental business returns business in the long run.

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